TOP 3 for Saturday, July 18

TOP 3 for Saturday, July 18

ErikDelCastillo-300x2931. Master Conference with Eric Del Castillo:

Eric Del Castillo, premiere actor who began his fruitful career during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. His long career is made up of theater and a lot of work on film and television. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to this Mexican actor, director and screenwriter in his Master Conference at 1:00 pm at the Ángela Peralta Theater.


Processed with Moldiv2. Julia Varni and Le Big Sur are coming to light up San Miguel de Allende:

Because at GIFF we know that thinking differently makes us unique, web ring a collaboration between Julia Vari, important figure of Mexican jazz and bossa nova, and Le Big Sur, a Colombian folk rock band. Julia Vari, known for her interpretive quality, vocal technique and elegance will share the stage this Saturday night at the Main Garden with Le Big Sur, who come to town with a multi-cultural event you won’t want to miss.


3.Screening of films from our Guest Country: Turkey

Miel topHoney / Bal (2010) 103´

Yusuf is a six-year-old boy who goes looking for his missing father, a beekeeper who went into the woods after all his bees were lost in an accident. It’s a film of very little dialogue, whose soundscape is mostly populated by the sounds of the forest.

Dry Summer / Susuz Yaz (1963) 90´

Dry Summer follows the conflict between local workers and a greedy tobacco farmer who builds a dam to keep the water away from the neighboring fields. Everything gets complicated when the tobacco farmer meets his brother’s enchanting girlfriend.

De camino a la escuelaOn the Way to School/ Iki Dil Bir Bavul (2008) 78´

This Turkish documentary tells the voyage of Emre Aydin, a Young teacher sent to a remote kurda village to teach the children Turkish. The language barrier makes him an outcast in his own country.

Remake, remix, rip-off/ Motör: Kopya Kültürü ve Popüler Türk Sinemasi (2014) 96´

During the 60’s and 70’s, Turkey was one of the biggest film production countries in the world, even though his industry didn’t have enough written material to sustain the rhythm. This is why screenwriters and directors opted for remaking movies from all over the world, scene for scene, ripping off their soundtracks and special effects as well.

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