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In the year 2001, during the 4th edition of the festival that was then called “Expresión en Corto”, Sarah Hoch brought Mexican, American and British female filmmakers to collaborate and create networks to strengthen the work that women do in cinema. This is how
the Women in Film and Television Association in Mexico was born and supported by WIFT International.

From the very beginning,
Women in Film and Television
has been devoted to promot-
ing the accomplishments of
women working in all areas of
film, television and other au-
diovisual media. We’ve been
tirelessly promoting women’s
cinema ever since, charac-
terized by the heterogeneity
of its worldview, which holds
differences in content, aesthetic,
diversity in themes and stories and
constructions of a point of view, since
they establish different links that they pick
up from their own experiences, accentuating their identity and building an interesting subjectivity.

Women’s strategies are based on different social patterns. Besides looking to shape their creativity, a coincidental factor within them, we exalt our energy in being incorporated in a productive industry and to be recognized justly. Support is fundamental to open paths and compete in the mainstream media. This is why we seek to highlight all the women who work in different areas of the audiovisual industry: producers, screenwriters, directors, composers, cin- ematographers, editors, actresses, make-up artists, costume designers, art directors, cultural promoters and sound designers among others. The film industry is a rough and demanding field that requires a very clear vocation. To be free to fight for what one’s passionate about.