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Aware of the vitality and current importance of film criticism and the journalistic profession, the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) in its 25th edition presents The Critic’s Hall, a project organized with the intention of generating a dialogue that contributes in various ways to the development and future of both film criticism and journalism, as well as helping to spread cinephilia in general.

Once again, the festival presents face-to-face activities in which one can talk, learn and reflect on the work of journalists and film critics, in addition to dealing with various topics of interest to film buffs and speaking on this occasion about different aspects related to the 25-year-old existence of the festival.

This year, as part of The Critic’s Hall activities within GIFF XXV, there will be: 3 talks on journalism and film criticism, 2 workshops on film criticism, 3 meetings of journalists and critics with filmmakers, and 8 Q&A’s in which critics and journalists will chat with filmmakers presenting international films. On this occasion, 32 journalists and film critics will participate in these activities along with 20 filmmakers.