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A television producer who is always on the lookout for new talent and willing to renovate television through creative formats and current topics

Mexican producer Carmen Armendáriz possesses a brilliant career generating content for the small screen, be it anthology shows or long-running series. She is also a Pioneer in game shows in Mexico, due to the popularity of her show A la cachi cachi porra, which aired on Canal Once. One of her best-known works is the stupendous horror series La hora marcada, which was innovative for telling stories in this genre that to this day is underseen in Latin America. While she worked on La hora marcada, she showed a great ability to recognize and support talent by giving several Mexican filmmakers who have bloomed into a fruitful career and vast international recognition their first shot, among them Guillermo Del Toro. Carmen Armendáriz has no qualms touching upon controversial topics in her work. As such she has made police procedurals like Tony Tijuana; she touches upon mental illness in Locas de amor, those for whom the right to a full life is not always recognized in our society; Cásate conmigo is a series about a woman who is afraid of commitment, while Yago tells the story of a man who seeks revenge. All of these productions were made with high quality and earned high ratings. Our renowned producer is also the creator of the Ventaneando concept: an entertainment news show where one can discuss artists from both great TV companies in Mexico, something that didn’t happen until this came about. She also made very relevant programming that established a clear competition with TV Azteca, such as La Botana, Hacer y deshacer and Aquí entre dos. Carmen Armendáriz was part of the morning show Hoy in two successful, non-consecutive stages throughout seven years. During his time as a producer, Hoy aired in the United States and was one of the shows that achieved the highest sales in national television and it also had the vision to debut several successful anchors. The Women in Film in Television Association is honored to pay tribute to a producer who has known how to recognize opportunities to promote talent and bring new creative force to the traditional formats in Mexican television.