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Lebanese singer and composer who combines the classical rules of Arabic Tarab with pop music, placing it in a stylistic category called Tarapop. Born of the need to revisit the endless classical repertoire of Arabic songs, Aziza is naturally drawn to adapting music to the contemporary sounds of her envi – ronment. This fusion leads to a musical version of the current Beirut: an eclectic, electric and history-driven palette of styles.


MUVA is a multisensory experience: cinematic, experimental, personal, scenic and enveloping music, with intense visions, which generates moments of oppression and liberation, also revealed in visual art and performance. In MUVA there are el – ements that often do not come together. Their style includes iconic elements of classical music with pre-Hispanic percus – sions and Japanese flutes interacting with thunderous sym – bolic rock guitars.


RTRXN is a pow – erful live act where different genres of electronic music are combined with an audiovisual show that has been performed at international festivals such as MUPA (Panama), Shazam Fest (Canada), Saca El Dia – blo (Ecuador), Nocheztli (Mexico) and intense tours through Germany, England, the Netherlands and Central America. Currently RTRXN is pre – paring the launch of Way Out, a record that will include collaborations between Amandine Guinchard (Catfish, France) and Idania Dowman.


A band founded in 2010 by David “Tito” Vargas and Vicente Jáuregui. CAPO writes songs that freely extends its imaginary sounds. Through an open speech, they do rock, dream folk, pop and electronic music organically. They have made three studio albums: Un corazón se que – ma, produced by Jorge Aja; Florecer, produced by Sacha Triujeque, renowend for his work with Gustavo Cerati; and Navegantes, which has been acclaimed in national and international magazines.


Monterrey saw the birth of this band that is now based in San Miguel de Allende. With the voice of Rafael De La Vega, a group of musicians bring their skills together to bring life to this project that is renowned at the Bajío and other scenes in Mexico and the US. Vogue named them the most sought-after band from San Miguel in the last six years. Rabeats is inspired by 80s rock and the names that gave shape to the global scene at that time.

ELA 3000

Developed at the New School of Techno in Monterrey, Nuevo León, ELA 3000 is a project by Marcela Villanueva Martínez, an enthusiast of electronic music and a firm defender of the curative and transporting proper – ties of it. A music journalist turned DJ, today she concentrates in the techno scene and is on the lookout for more psychedelic faces. ELA 3000 offers intense dance sessions to not forget the true mis – sion of a dance floor.


In April 2014, CDMX awoke for the first time to the singing of Gallo Cósmico, a band that revolutionizes music with its Cosmic Brass style. El Gallo has taken off to reach states such as Guanajuato, Quintana Roo and the State of Mexico. Their first international release was in at the 2017 International Art and Jazz Festival in Santa Tecla, El Salvador. The group has shared the stage with renowned bands such as Jenny and the Mexicats, El Gran Silencio and Porter.


Alternative Mexican rock band, formed in the city of León, Guanajuato. With a fusion of sounds ranging from psychedelia to grunge, Modern Vice is distinguished using phasers, reverbs, chorus and distortions. The group has shared the stage with international bands such as Devendra Banhart, Jessy Lanza, Holy Wave; and with national groups such as Porter, Apolo and Oceanss among others. They have performed at music festivals such as the Visceral, Clausura and Ltdomx.


Sonido San Francisco is the sound of the people invading the big city, the guacharaca and the güiro, sharing frequencies with the synthesizer, the electricity of the bass following the tempo of a computer, the hot rhythms of the tropics together with the trend of digital coldness; electronic music surrendering to the organic musical tradition of Latin America. Based in Xonacatlán, State of Mexico, and after almost eight years of working as a laptop project, they have become a live act.