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Project Glamour is an initiative that the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) developed to give exposure and recognition to talented Mexican clothing and jewelry designers. In this way, the public attending the Festival can have a first-hand approach with the aesthetics in trend at GIFF’s red carpets.

Slender silhouettes, color, beauty and the elegance which only Mexican creatives can offer will parade for several days through the unparalleled settings offered by Guanajuato cities, thus joining our celebration for the first quarter of a century with GIFF.

In this anniversary edition for our 25 years bringing the best of world cinema to Guanajuato, 16 designers will be presented with unrepeatable and exclusive garments:


Susana Goerne @susana_goerne

Denisse Aranxa @denisse_aranxa

Gretta Trujillo @grettatrujillo

Brenda Durán @brendaduran_mx

Antonio Saga @antoniosaga_

Loana García

Fernanda Zamora

Iván Ortiz @Ivanortiz_mx

Miguel Juárez @mikejuárez

Juan José Flores @juanjosefloresoros

Octavio Arteaga @octaviodeateaga

Ernesto Guevara @ernestt_guessi

Evelia Montoya @veli1508

Nabile Farlo @nabile.farlo

Amor Platería @amorplateria

Andrea Oviedo @andreaoviedomx