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The Guanajuato International Film Festival is honored to receive Lebanon as the Spotlight Country of its 21st edition, bringing along highlights of their filmography. Lebanese cinema springs from a culture rich with history and traditions. Their location, complexities and challenges are a vein where profound and relevant stories have emerged. Their classic as well as their contemporary films show the constant concerns of the Lebanese idiosyncrasy —such as migration and multiculturalism— as well as to claim the quality of their artistic production. Filmmakers like Nadine Labaki and Ghassan Salhab prove that Lebanese cinema is at a peak in both production and international recognition. Besides its local filmography, GIFF celebrates the Lebanese influence in the development and the present of Mexican cinema with the presentation of the book Lebanese in Mexican Cinema, by writer and scholar Carlos Martínez Assad. Celebrating the links that unite our countries and offering a selection of a cinema that renowned worldwide for its quality and Depth, it is a great honor to pay tribute to a cinema that moves and surprises us simultaneously.

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