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Mexican film tour

With the aim of contributing to the creation of new audiences for Mexican cinema and adding to the dissemination of the seventh art made in national territory, the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF), with the support of EFICINE, Distribución and ESTAFETA, will carry out the cycle More Mexican Cinema, Please, in which 6 Mexican films will be screened from September to December 2022.

The films that make up this cycle represent the best of contemporary national cinema and offer a privileged overview of the concerns, values and talents that motivate the audiovisual industry in our country. Below is a list of the 6 films that will be shown in this effort to bring Mexican film art closer to its natural audience.

6 Films

Antes del olvido

Iria Gómez Concheiro, 2018, México, 103’

A company that collaborates with the government threatens to evict the tenants of a neighborhood to build a shopping center. The tenants are forced to come out of their apathy and join

Cosas que no hacemos

Bruno Santamaría, 2020, México, 72’

Among all the children on an island that seems to have no adults, Ñoño stands out, who does not seem to want to grow up or leave the island. At 16, he continues to dance, run and play like an 8-year-old, but he has a secret.


Artemio Narro, 2020, México, 91’

Quirky road movie in which the political history of Mexico is nearly rewritten by two friends on an acid trip

Las flores de la noche

Omar Robles / Eduardo Esquivel, 2020, México, 85’

In a small town on the shores of the largest lake in Mexico live “Las Flores de la Noche”, four young queer people. Uriel, one of the group, has decided to abandon his feminine identity after joining a religious group that uses conversion therapies.

Distrito Olvido

Thom Díaz, 2020, México, 85’

Olvido District, a place far from the new transformation that one of the most important cities in Mexico is experiencing. A place where Mexican youth seems increasingly pushed into the maelstrom of rejection and sordid abandonment to enter into violence.

Somos Mari Pepa

Samuel Kishi, 2013, México, 95’

Alex, a 16-year-old boy, has different goals for the summer: create a new song with his rock group, get a job and have his first sexual experience. At the same time he discovers that his grandmother begins to be more dependent on him.

6 Venues




12 Octubre 19:30 hrs. Cosas que no hacemos

26 Octubre 19:30 hrs.ColOZio

05 Noviembre 20:00 hrs. Las flores de la noche

09 Noviembre 19:30 hrs. Distrito olvido

16 Noviembre 19:30 hrs. Somos Mari Pepa

23 Noviembre 19:30 hrs. Antes del olvido



11 Septiembre 17:00 hrs. Antes del olvido

18 Septiembre 17:00 hrs. Cosas que no hacemos

09 Octubre 17:00 hrs. ColOZio

06 Noviembre 17:00 hrs. Las flores de la noche

20 Noviembre 17:00 hrs. Distrito olvido

04 Diciembre 17:00 hrs. Somos Mari Pepa



13 Septiembre 20:30 hrs. Antes del olvido

22 Septiembre 20:30 hrs. Cosas que no hacemos

11 Octubre 20:30 hrs. ColOZio

09 Noviembre 20:30 hrs. Las flores de la noche

30 Noviembre 20:30 hrs. Distrito olvido

07 Diciembre 20:30 hrs. Somos Mari Pepa




22 Septiembre 14:30 hrs. Distrito olvido

07 Octubre 19:00 hrs. Antes del olvido

13 Octubre 19:00 hrs. Las flores de la noche

11 Noviembre 19:00 hrs. ColOZio

25 Noviembre 19:00 hrs. Cosas que no hacemos

08 Diciembre 19:00 hrs. Somos Mari Pepa




18 NOVIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. Antes del olvido

19 NOVIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. Cosas que no hacemos

20 NOVIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. ColOZio

25 NOVIEMBRE 21:00 hrs. Las flores de la noche

26 NOVIEMBRE 21:00 hrs. Distrito olvido

27 NOVIEMBRE 21:00 hrs. Somos Mari Pepa




30 SEPTIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. Antes del olvido

07 OCTUBRE 18:00 hrs. Cosas que no hacemos

27 OCTUBRE 18:00 hrs. ColOZio

03 NOVIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. Las flores de la noche

24 NOVIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. Distrito olvido

08 DICIEMBRE 18:00 hrs. Somos Mari Pepa