International Tribute to Peter Weir

International Tribute to Peter Weir

 “Mexico is a dream and this Festival is a dream within a dream.”

– Peter Weir

Yesterday night, Friday July 28, the International Tribute to Peter Weir, renowned Australian director of acclaimed film that include Witness, Master & Commander, Dead Poets Society, Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Truman Show took place at the Juárez Theater. This is the third time Peter Weir has visited Mexico, as the Australian filmmaker himself mentioned; but this time was special, due to the honor of receiving this recognition within the twentieth edition of the Guanajuato International Film Festival.

The night began with a Red Carpet event, before the appearance of the multi-award winning filmmaker. Once inside the emblematic Juárez Theater, a tribute video was screened giving a brief tour of the most representative episodes of Peter Weir’s career. The director then took the stage among applause and admiration to thank the present audience.

Within his words, Peter mentioned, “Mexico is like fireworks”. He expressed that there’s something in the air and atmosphere that makes it magical and that inspires him. He thanked Sarah Hoch, executive director of GIFF, for paying him this very special tribute and then authorities of the State of Guanajuato presented him with gifts; a handcrafted piece and Guanajuato wine.

Sarah Hoch, mentioning how much she admires his work and him as a person, gave him the Silver Cross that represents the GIFF motto “More Cinema Please”, thanking him for his visit and for being part of the constellation of directors that have received this honor; she also invited all filmmakers, especially young filmmakers, to attend his Master Class that will take place today at the Cervantes Theater, where the director will share his creative process as a filmmaker.

Peter Weir finished off the event by inviting the audience to see his film Picnic at Hanging Rock, one of Australia’s most celebrated films, which was screened after his tribute at the Juárez Theater.