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epicentroSince 2011 GIFF has organized a series of exploratory discussion sessions whose purpose is to keep the industry on the forefront of new technological advances and developments which may alter the future of the film industry. In 2014, this area was expanded to become a dedicated New Technologies Area, dubbed “Epicentro GIFF”
This is a space dedicated to the introduction of new technologies and disruptive trends in film and TV making, such as the growth of Virtual Reality, Interactive Video and Immersion content, as well as more technical aspects of filmmaking like digital distribution, new models for electronic sales and advertising, as well as cutting edge tools to ease traditional film production. In this effort

We have been supported by the invaluable participation of important institutions, both foreign and Mexican, including HBO Latino, Microsoft, Google, Youtube Mexico and Netflix, among many others.
This year the Guanajuato International Film Festival extends an invitation to its thousands of visitors, guests and all Film and Technology fans to join us at Epicentro, where they will experience the latest technological frontiers, explore exciting developments in Virtual Reality, and witness the new possibilities in impossible shots and engaging character animation, made possible through the latest technology.

epicentro2This way Epicentro GIFF’s activities seek to go beyond a simply theoretical discussion, while also moving past a traditional Tech Show. Instead, it offers a place for experimentation and interaction, where young creators can partake in this important conversation and help mold the future of our industry.


Here are the activities that Epicentro GIFF brings to you in 2015:

  • GIFF Hack: A 40-hour session in which 6 teams of young programmers, engineers and creators will compete to come up with new ideas that may shine a light on the possible technological applications that may one day be developed and the potential to transform the film industry. The winning project will be announced during the GIFF closing ceremonies July 25th.
  • Saturday July 18th – Monday July 20th (All day closed event)
  • GIFF Tech Exhibit: Presenting some of the newest and most ambitious projects in Visual FX, Virtual Reality and Interactive video content, this space offers the visiting public a small window into the current state of development of these exciting technologies, as well as providing a glance into their future potential.
  • Friday July 17th – Monday July 20th (San Miguel de Allende) and Wednesday July 22nd– Saturday, July 25th. Open to the Public all day!
  • GIFF Think-Tank 2015: Taking Film to a New Dimension

This formal discussion among more than 30 experts from all areas of the film industry will take on several topics related to the impact of new Digital technologies in production, Online distribution platforms and their jump into content creation, and the ever-blurring line between Film, Television and ‘web’ content. The session will also look back at Epicentro’s 2014 projects, how they have progressed, and the effect they will soon have upon Mexico’s film industry.

– Wednesday July 22nd, 16:00 – 18:00