GIFF 20 Award and Closing Ceremony

GIFF 20 Award and Closing Ceremony

They say time is boss…

The way we take on the concept of time determines the construction of any story that wishes to linger. We’re not talking about ellipses or narrative strains; we’re talking about 20 years of the Guanajuato International Film Festival, which have been projected in the transcendence of Mexican cinematic culture with the firm determination to contribute to the success or the professionalization of all those who are part of the massive infrastructure that is the Seventh Art.

2017 marks the 20th Anniversary of GIFF, two decades that feel like it’s just the beginning. In celebrating the creative spirit of the festival, and with the commitment of always providing an integral space for expression and encounter, the participation of each of our visiting countries, filmmakers, volunteers, sponsors, institutions, government, family and friends transcends the conjunction of values and experiences. Every edition of GIFF is a motor and an inspiration for the next edition.

It’s been an exceptional journey, filled with magic from and for the big screen; days in which hours are measured in short films and feature films; a greeting is the opening credits, a goodbye, a general applause, and as we do in all works, we come closer and closer to the climax. Tonight, the Juárez Theater, a historical venue and the home of GIFF, will host the Awards and Closing Ceremony for the 20th edition of the Guanajuato International Film Festival, at 19:00 hrs.

That’s 20 years stowed into our collective memory. In the name of GIFF, we thank each and every person who have made this cinematic celebration possible; may it be a new breath through which we can yell all the louder: More Cinema Please!