GIFF arrives at Guanajuato

GIFF arrives at Guanajuato

Inauguruacion3Yesterday morning in the City of Guanajuato, the activities for the second stage of GIFF began. To open the ceremony a video was screened that depicted the best moments of what happened in San Miguel de Allende, along with a preview of what will happen on the streets and official locations in Guanajuato City.

Sarah Hoch, founding director of GIFF, thanked the support of several authority figures and institutions that make the festival possible in such a beautiful and inspiring city. As we all know, Guanajuato City has set the stage for several film productions on a national and international level. She also thanked the University of Guanajuato for its support and interest in the activities that the festival has to offer.

She was followed by the University of Guanajuato’s Rector who expressed his gratitude and joy over being a part of GIFF. As he himself affirmed, the Festival and the University share the same spirit that encourages the expansion of culture through cinema. “Over half a century ago, the University of Guanajuato launched one of the first film clubs in the country, which is still functional all year long and it’s the host for several film cycles”, he shared. This is the first year that the Auditorium of the University of Guanajuato will be used for conferences and several screenings.

InauguraciónSarah Hoch also spoke about the scarce support for Mexican filmmakers who wish to present their films in commercial theaters. “There isn’t a single Mexican film showing in theaters this week”. She raised her voice in sadness for the few Mexican films that will be presented this year. Be it due to a scarce distribution strategy or a lack of interest, many of the Mexican films that were produced this year won’t be shown until next year (and in some places, never). She pointed out that even though there is an audience for these Mexican productions and over a hundred film festivals in the country that prove that interest, there aren’t many opportunities for Mexican artists to get a space within commercial cinema.

GIFF will keep offering screenings in different parts of Guanajuato, be it in theaters or in open spaces. Also, don’t miss the concerts, conferences and events that GIFF has to offer.

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