6 things you shouldn’t forget to bring to GIFF

6 things you shouldn’t forget to bring to GIFF

These are the 6 things you can´t forget to pack when you come to GIFF 2015

  1. A catalogue of events: either printed or digital, it’s crucial for anyone who wants to experience GIFF to its fullest potential. The Festival offers a wide array of activities and screenings that are free and open to the public during its 10 days. Choose the screening that interest you the most, find our locations and don’t forget to arrive a little early to get good seats. For more information on our program, click HERE. (http://giff.festivalgenius.com/2015/schedule/week)
  2. Sun block and a hat for during the day … San Miguel Allende and Guanajuato City are known for having a temperate climate. Nevertheless, we recommend you take precautions and have sun block, a hat and sunglasses handy. During the week of the Festival we’re expect the temperature to be between 68° and 82° Fahrenheit during the day.
  3. … and a jacket and umbrella for the nighttime. As opposed to the daytime, we expect the temperature at night and there’s a very good chance of rain. If you’re joining us on any of our night time screenings such as Movies with Mummy or Midnight Madness, don’t forget a rain jacket and some rain boots.
  4. Comfortable walking shoes. Whether you’re coming to San Miguel or Guanajuato, we recommend you bring comfortable shoes, be they tennis shoes, boots or any kind of show that doesn’t have a high heel. All of our locations are located near downtown and they’re all a 2 to 5 minute walking distance from each other.
  5. Your choice of bag. Our shows run from 10:00 am to about 3:00 in the morning. Carrying a bag can be very helpful if you’re planning to attend activities all day. Remember to always carry a bottle of water, some snacks to eat between screenings, a charger or a battery and one of the already mentioned items.
  6. ATTITUDE. The Guanajuato International Film Festival is a unique experience, being completely free of charge, filled with concerts, book presentations and master conferences. The Festival doesn’t just offer good cinema, it offers an experience that’s fun, enriching and most of all, an adventure in which everyone can be a hero.

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