TOP 3 Friday July 24th

TOP 3 Friday July 24th

1. Women in Film and Television

Top 3_1This year, GIFF will recognize the career of two Mexican women who deserve a tribute for her long years of work within cinema, each in a different, but just as crucial area. Guadalupe Ferrer has long been a supporter of national cinema and has shown throughout her career a great commitment to the preservation of cinema. Currently, and since 2008, she is the General Director of Cinematic Activities at the UNAM Filmoteca. On the other end, Jacqueline Andere has been a part of the Mexican artistic landscape for decades, working as an actress in cinema, theater and television for almost 55 years.

The tributes will take place at the Principal Theater at 1:00 pm.


  1. Series Lab Conferences:

top 3Among the main activities in Series Lab, on Friday the 24th there will be a series of conferences at the Cervantes Theater: Crating a series, content and the writer’s room; The art of being a showrunner; and Working with Platforms. If besides TV you are interested in learning about television, don’t miss an opportunity to know renowned figures within this emerging medium in these conferences. They’re about 2 hours each and will begin at 10:00 am.


  1. Mexicocomorphosis Conference: Excusing or Fighting Crime in Cinema.

top 3_2Violence, insecurity and havoc within the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime have been an inspiration for a series of films that have taken reality and transported it to cinema. Nowadays this audiovisual medium is a space to project who we are as a nation. About what hurts us and what we can and should do as human beings and as a society to get out of this vicious circle of death and violence. To talk about this topic, we’ll have four panelists who are filmmakers that have left their mark in cinema in recent years: Amat Escalante (Heli), Carlos Bolado (Colosio, el Asesinato), Gerardo Naranjo (Miss Bala) y Luis Mandoki (La Vida Precoz y Breve de Sabina Rivas).

The conference will take place at the Auditorium of the University of Guanajuato at 4:00 pm.


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