¡Méxicomorfosis, the evolution of the mexican film industry!

¡Méxicomorfosis, the evolution of the mexican film industry!


We all know how this famous tale begins: Gregor Samsa, a salesperson, wakes up in be done day transformed into a monstrous insect. Like all masterpieces, particularly one where the prose is as acute and transparent as this one, its interpretations are endless and this year, GIFF adds its own meaning though this special program called Mexicomorphosis.

One line of the novella says: “Since he was not comprehensible, no one, not even his sister, thought that he might be able to understand others…” So, Gregor’s story cmetamorfosisKafkaan be identified as that of many in this country: people of all ages in all occupations that suffer the same lack of comprehension. This can extend to the story of the artist, including the filmmaker, these people who seek to flourish in an environment (or a country if you will) that won’t let them flourish, because to let them flourish wouldn’t fit with the interests found in that environment.


This year, celebrating the centennial of the publishing of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the Guanajuato International Film Festival presents a selection of films inspired by Kafka’s works. These films include Orson Welles’ The Trial, Michael Haneke’s The Castle and the most recent film to come out of China, Erdenibulag Darhad y Emyr Ap Richard’s K. Also, within the Mexicomorphosis Documentary program, a number of films that have, in some way shaped social conscience or some change of conduct (a metamorphosis, if you will) will be shown, including: Cartel Land, Everyday Rebellion and All of Me.

Our program is completed by a series of master conferences that seek to start a conversation and motivate reflection on our country’s situations. To this end, we present Cátedra Kafka headed by journalist Sergio Sarmiento, a conference named Ayotzinapa, Not a Moment of Silence, presented by Amnesty International and headed by Epigmenio Ibarra. We also present our panel Apology or Combatting Crime in Cinema, featuring Amat Escalante, Luis Mandoki, Carlos Bolado, Gerardo Naranjo and moderated by journalist Columba Vertíz.