Inaugural Gala: In the Fade

Inaugural Gala: In the Fade

Katja is a victim of the tragic events of a bomb attack in an immigrant neighborhood in Hamburg. When she is denied justice, she sinks into a depression that drives her back to drugs and to seek revenge on the guilty party.

This is In the Fade, directed by the Turkish-German filmmaker Fatih Akın, who will receive tonight the Silver Cross of the International Film Festival Guanajuato at the Teatro Juárez, in the context of his International Tribute.

Fatih Akın is perfectly capable of finding meaning in facts that are removed from our reality. The suggestion and the power of his images manage to dilate the uniqueness of consciences to equate diametrically opposed stages. His ceiname leads to proper names, situations that profess the deep meaning of crossing cultures.

Recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, with a magnificent performance by Diane Kruger and the screenplay by the same Fatih Akın in collaboration with Hark Bohm, In the Fade is a highly recommended film. Do not miss the Inaugural Gala, which opens the second stage of GIFF in Guanajuato, tonight, at 9:00 pm, at the emblematic Teatro Juárez.