GIFF promotes content creation

GIFF promotes content creation

VFSThe Guanajuato International Film Festival launched a series of conferences and workshops yesterday morning that focus on the creation and production of television series. With the support of screenwriters, directors, showrunners and virtual platforms that specialize in the area, GIFF offered various artists that are already a part of the film industry the opportunity to learn a little more about this audiovisual medium that has, little by little, acquired a greater relevance and popularity.

One of the workshops was given by renowned Canadian screenwriter Michael Baser. This being a workshop focused on already established creators, the first part was a casual exchange of experiences and opinions on the process of creating, producing and airing television series. Within this exchange of ideas, Michael Baser spoke of the limiting factors that can be observed during the process of creation. He insisted the participants should be original at the moment of writing their projects and not to worry about external elements like ratings or following the established rules that many have repeated throughout the years.

He made clear that his purpose in the workshop was to teach and explain a Little about the methods for creating an American series and wished to learn from the different narrative mediums that the participants might be coming from: “It’s very interesting to go to other places and hear the different voices and stories. Writers shouldn’t think about writing inside a line, they must take their own voice and tell a story the audience can identify with.”

11774614_10153477687956798_329541485_nDuring the workshop, Mafer Súarez, director of three successful seasons of the Mexican series Mujeres Asesinas (Killer Women) told us her point of view on the support the Festival is offering series this year: “I think it’s right of GIFF to open up a space to talk about this, since film and television have left their respective screens and now we’re in an era where technology has changed the way we tell and watch stories. It’s important to pay attention to this while it’s happening and get ready for this change that means that people will see what they want to see, when they want to see it and how they want to see it.”

Besides the workshops, GIFF presents six conferences on different topics regarding the creation of television series in Guanajuato City on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of July.

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