A letter from Berlin

A letter from Berlin

México City, November 3rd 2015.

First of all, I just want to thank to everyone who made possible and took part of this amazing adventure, that already had become one of the best experiences in my life.

In this two months and a few more days, the residency allowed me to knew, lived and worked in the amazing city of Berlin, that at this point became my favorite city in the whole world, because its openness, culture and quality of life, that brought me a very inspiring atmosphere to perform my job. Any of this could had been posible with out the guide and participation of Christiane Raab from Medienboard, and Nipkow programm; Petra Weisenburguer and her team, specially Jana Schenk, took care of all the details of my stay, from the selection of a very nice apartment, the correct advisors for the project I was writing , to different production workshops and meetings. They invite me to share experiences with filmmakers from aroud the world. I feel this aspect was very important in order to complete my professional experience, creating network and possible future collaborations with partners from another countries. During this period I worked and finished the script of “Jumble”, my next film, with the help of two generous and very experienced advisors, Franz Rodenkincher and Irene Goguel, who helped me to achieve the best result in the story I want to tell and that right now is ready to get in the production stage.

Among this , and because of the very inspiring period , me and my partner Sofia Espinosa, created a new film project named “Dunst”, based in Impro techniques, and made with an ultra low Budget, but with profesional crew, cast and equipment.
Alex 460x307With the help of some partners in crime, we managed to made a two week shooting in Berlin, and the result of that is currently in the edition room and became the first production stage that will be completed in Mexico City in January of 2016 to create a new feature film. An essential partner in this Project is Santiago Gomez, who participate as a producer providing all the equipment we use during the shooting.
In adition to that, during our stay, we’ve been invited to screen our film “Los Bañistas” (Open Cage) in the Berlin Spanish film fest , that was a fantastic opportunity to bring our work to the Berliner audience and to realize how the stories we are telling are being received by a different culture audience. The result was great and the Kino Moviemento was packed in the couple of screenings we had.

As you can see, the residency was a enjoyable, inspiring and very productive experience that give me the impulse to keep on producing more and better film projects.
I dont have any more than be thankful with everyone who was part of this amazing experience, that now I can call friends; and hope to be back in Berlin very soon.

Warmest regards

 Max Zunino