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We Are X is the story of the most influential band in the world that you haven’t heard of… yet.

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[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]hoever hasn’t heard of X Japan is probably missing out on rock, heavy metal and Japanese glam history, as well as one of the main precursors of contemporary music from the Far East: Yoshiki Hayashi. Composer, drummer, producer and classical pianist, Yoshiki founded, along with his childhood friend Toshi, the group X Japan in the late 80’s, instantly recognized for its melodic metal music and extravagant fashion. Their unique appearance and style created a cultural phenomenon in Japanese rock known as Visual Kei, a movement that extended worldwide. X is the most successful rock band in the history of Japan, with over 30 million records sold and a record 18 sold out concerts at the Tokyo Dome. The group originally consisted of Yoshiki as drum player, pianist and composer; Hide as lead guitarist, Toshi as vocalist, Pata as second guitarist, and Taiji Sawada at bass. After a meteoric rise and a decade of countless successes, in the fall of 1997, X Japan split up, leaving its enigmatic leader Yoshiki at a crossroads, fighting his physical and spiritual demons.

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This is where his legend started. After X Japan broke up, he played drums for the pop group Globe and collaborated in other bands such as S.K.I.N. and Violet UK. In 1999 he composed a piano concert to celebrate the 10th year of Emperor Akihito. He also recorded a classical music album co-produced with acclaimed Beatles producer Sir George Martin and played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2014, he went on the first part of the Yoshiki Classical World Tour. He travelled through countries such as United States, Russia, France, Thailand and Japan. Finally, twenty years after X Japan split up, the band returns with the release of their new studio album and the documentary We Are X, directed by Stephen Kijak. Awarded the most recent Sundance Film Festival, the documentary tells us the amazing story about the group’s origins, their tumultuous stardom, their premature split and their long-awaited reunion that will culminate in their shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden and London’s Wembley Arena. X Japan and Yoshiki are back… and they seek to reconcile their past with that insatiable taste for perfection that has made them legends.