Why You Can’t Miss GIFF 2015?

Why You Can’t Miss GIFF 2015?

Jovenes GIFFThe Guanajuato International Film Festival is an annual event held in the cities of San Miguel Allende and Guanajuato City. Besides finding nationally and internationally renowned films, the Festival offers an experience that no cinephile should miss. Outdoor concerts, workshops, book presentations and conferences, GIFF is event charged with the same enthusiasm that its founding director Sarah Hoch launched into its birth.

Every summer, GIFF rejuvenates itself. With each edition, the Festival grows attracting new talent and new proposals. Be it national or international productions, GIIF demonstrates that film is a universal language that unites people in a way that no other medium can. Every short film, feature film and documentary opens a new window into other cultures, characters and stories that could only exist in our imagination.


GIFF is passion, identification, union and innovation that has met and surpassed every expectation and on July 17 it will launch its 18th edition. GIFF is an organization that proposes and launches new projects, which receive our support in events such as Incubator, Think Tank and Hack GIFF.

Giff peopleWhat is the biggest reason to come to GIFF? This event revolves around its audience. It’s an accessible experience and it’s suitable for all ages and tastes. It’s a party you don’t just enjoy, you get inspired, and you build new memories and a new mindset that every dream, big or small, insane or simple, is not impossible.

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