Virtual Reality Conferences

Virtual Reality Conferences

Continuing with the activities of Epicenter, the space for New Technologies of the Guanajuato International Film Festival turns completely towards a deep exploration of the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality in the creation of original content, today and tomorrow a series of conferences will be held with the best of the avant-garde universe.

Today, at 13:00 hrs, the conference Occupied VR: In The Eyes of Jay Lee Jay Lee will be held, where the creative director of Occupied VR, a leader in avant-garde content creation within the emerging universes, including cinema, brings us his knowledge and experiences in the evolution of Virtual Reality Technology through this conference.

Later, at 15:00 hrs, is the turn for the conference Samsung: A New Way To Tell Stories, where the leading brand in technology all over the world, presents a gamut of narrative possibilities through Virtual Reality. Along with expert technicians from the company, a professional introduction to the use of the Samsung Gear 360°, as well as other devices capable of receiving 3D images and transmitting live, will be offered.

For Saturday, the journey begins with Encore Sound: Audio In 360°, at 11:00 hrs, a conference about how sound is crucial to communicating the original intention of audiovisual productions. This is why Encore Sound, specialists in professional audio design and music for cinema, intending to innovate for virtual reality techniques, incorporates immersive 360° sound in Ópera Orbis to the point that the user becomes a part of the narrative.

Finally, at noon the conference Oniria, Immersive Formats, New Narrative Possibilities will take place, where the leading company in offering solution and advancing the universe of virtual reality, having elaborated video 360° and other techniques of immersive technology, will share their experience in making the documentaries for Ópera Orbis, extending their vision of innovating through more advanced technologies.

These conferences and all Epicenter activities are taking place in Casa Conde Rul, in front of Plaza de la Paz. Assist and knows all about new technologies.