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GIFF presents its virtual world, an International business and networking meeting for the film and entertainment industry, with a focus on innovation and exploration of new scopes in narratives and new technologies. Presented by Sinespace Breakroom and Virtualware, with digital art created by Demiurgo Storytellers.

To face the new times that the world is experiencing, GIFF maintains its commitment to promoting the cinematographic culture of Guanajuato and Mexico; transcending borders, innovate the way we communicate and socialize; We create a virtual experience that will allow people from Mexico and the whole world to come together in the same place to share valuable relationships; as if they were in the real world, inclusive and safe.

Virtual Guanajuato

Inspired by the architecture and culture of Guanajuato, together with Demiurgo Storytellers, we built a virtual world and an interactive experience that you will not forget.


The virtual campus has the necessary tools to generate valuable connections and interactions between the participants, which will allow you to organize collaborations, create contacts, sell or hire services and encourage national and international co-production.

Create an avatar that reflects your personality and interact with gestures and dances with other people. Through spatial audio you can listen to those closest to you and enter private audio areas. Take selfies and share your experience on networks.






Sinespace Breakroom is a social event hub that brings people together in safe virtual spaces. It gives communities a place where they can hang out, connect with their peers, chat in gathering spaces, and be part of the group.