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Every technological advance involves a debate between those who manage to make out the so-called future and those who are skeptical and critical about it. This is the Utopia, territory between those who believe and those who are against.

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]I[/eltdf_dropcaps]n each edition, GIFF has adopted a central theme. Topics in the past have included In the Land of the Blind, Seven Virtues and Seven Sins, Censorship, Self-Censorship and Provocation; Blow-up, Identity, Freedom and Tolerance, Displaced and most recently, Mexicomorphosis. Japan, our Guest Country of Honor, is a country that has set standards for technological advances and social development. For our 2016 edition, GIFF presents Utopia: Apocalyptic and Integrated.

The 21st Century was look forward to as a great utopia, an imaginary super-modern era where man and machine would be entirely complicit. Regardless, the price of that utopia, characterized in the way that technological evolution has been applied to our daily lives, has been generally viewed negatively in literature and cinema, since it puts individuals at the mercy of those who dominate this technological development.

According to Umberto Eco’s terminology, this topic has led to debates between “apocalyptics” and “integrateds”. We’re currently living the obvious consequences of every material and geographic reality, the image of the multiplied physical body, the importance of society’s access to information; a perspective that worries many, but is a dream come true to just as many others.

Based upon the sphere of technology throughout history, GIFF has selected a series of films that shows that opposition to technology in some and balances it out with a positive vision in others; this series shows the progress of several societies in the topics of technology and quality of life.