Guanajuato hosts discussion tables on film analysis

The Guanajuato International Film Festival, always committed to cinema in all areas that allow it to exist, will present the Second Edition of The Critic’s Room, which will begin on Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 a.m. am at Convention Center Room A in Guanajuato City.

The Critic’s Room is a meeting that brings together the experience of professional critics in different analysis tables in order to discuss the current state of film criticism and talk about both positive and negative factors that affect it. In the same way, solutions to the topics discussed will be proposed. At GIFF 2019, film critics will meet to participate in 3 analysis tables that will take place over a single day.

“The current direction of Mexican cinema and criticism” will be the first of the analysis tables, which will begin at 10:05 am. Together with moderator Jonathan Eslui, critics Luis Tovar, Silvestre López Portillo and Julio Durán will discuss issues related to Mexican cinema, its evolution, the changes it currently goes through and where it is going.

The second table will begin at 11:35. On the topic of “Professionalization of film criticism and the prestige of talking about cinema”, critics José Antonio Valdés, Arturo Aguilar and Sergio Huidobro will share opinions. 

Finally, critics Columba Vertiz, Marcela Vargas Reynoso, Anaid Ramírez and moderator Adriana Fernández, will discuss gender equality in film criticism and other questions related to women’s work in the context of film criticism.

This is how GIFF seeks to ensure that film criticism remains far from extinction, perpetuating its place in the public stands and seeking to assimilate the ever-changing film industry through thought, analysis, vision and independent voices that characterize the critic’s trade.