Screening End with Blindspotting

Screening End with Blindspotting

GIFF comes to a close with the Closing Gala, where the film Blindspotting, directed by Carlos López Estrada, will be screened.

Before the screening, the audience will witness one final Red Carpet, where they will see the stars of this feature film, the feature debut for this director from Mexico City. Having studied at Chapman University in the U.S. —where he has lived since he was 12—, Carlos López Estrada built his career directing commercials, music videos and short films. En 2015 he directed his first narrative project, a short film called Identity Theft.

It tells the story of Collin —who must go through his final days on parole before he gets a new start— and Miles, his childhood best friend. Collin witnesses a police shooting, which puts their friendship to the test as they lead with conflicts of identity and a changing reality in the neighborhood they grew up which is now going through gentrification.

Co-written by and starring Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, this is a story filled with energy and humor on topics such as friendship and the intersection of race and class in Oakland. Join us in celebrating the end of this edition of GIFF, today at 20:30 hrs at the Juárez Theater.