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Registration Form – 7 Rally

Guanajuato International Film Festival challenges film schools and universities from across Mexico to participate in the 48-Hour Collegiate Production Rally. Universities are invited to submit 5 minute short fiction scripts, with open theme and subject matter, written by currently enrolled university students. Eight projects are chosen from over 200 submissions, and the selected universities compete against each other in Guanajuato Capital during the festival, as they race to shoot, edit and present a short film shot in High Definition Video in 48 Hours. All locations, sets, props and wardrobe must be sourced within Guanajuato, meaning that the eight teams must literally knock on the doors of the Guanajuato community and ask for these items to be lent for the production. The shorts include the participation of recognized professional actors and the films are screened before thousands of spectators where a jury of film industry professionals selects the winners.

During the 4 months of pre-production the teams receive media attention, as well as workshops aimed to give them the tools necessary to create a quality short film. The workshops are given by prestigious companies such as Panasonic, EFD (Equipment and Film Design) and Encore Sound, as well as important filmmakers who offer them a glimpse into real world production through the subjects of:

  • Film Production
  • Lighting and photography
  • Camera operation
  • Audio production and design
  • Directing actors