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[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]P[/eltdf_dropcaps]roject Glamour is working tirelessly with talented fashion, accessories and jewelry designers from all over Mexico to bring the film and glamour-loving audience a taste of the talent and creativity that represent the state of Guanajuato and several other states of Mexico. The combination of celebrities and glamour on the red carpets and special events will once again be one of the most anxiously awaited elements for film lovers and the audience in general. See you at the Red Carpet!

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Timeless boutique that handles collections of different designers and manufacturers from countries like Portugal, Spain, Colombia, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan and Mexico, among others. They offer unique pieces in a small but socially active community. They are known for their success in the exclusivity of their collections.

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Brand specializing in leather goods made by Mexican designer Pedro Valadez. Their products are made with the highest quality materials, combining the elegant balance between luxury and spirit, creating a recognizable style and character. This year, Mexico’s luxury brand Khemia surprises with its new collection of handbags and leather accessories in rich, dark brown and red.

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We’re a Mexican fashion initiative that brings together the most creative and talents in entrepreneurial fashion in Mexico. We work to strengthen, consolidate and place the national emerging talent into the medium. In 2016 we’ve assembled a crew of twelve designers from different Mexican states to add to our projects, including more than 30 new designers.

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Public relations man and recognized fashion editor. His passion for both have placed him in the best platforms, always with the goal of promoting fashion development in Mexico, focusing his work on generating creative strategies to promotion and dissemination that suit the needs of each brand.

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Armour Jewelry delivers a simple, striking collection of both delicate and bold pieces for today’s modern woman. Handmade in small batches, using semi-precious stones, raw crystals, sterling silver and gold, each piece comes with its own unique story and personality.

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They’re a company that offers haute couture for men and women who appreciate detail and are constantly seeking new material of the highest quality. They define their style as Casual-Chic and create two conceptual collections every year, making clothes with high quality finishes, destined to become classics for anyone’s wardrobe.

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Avant-garde jewelry designer in Latin America who breaks new ground with his bold and risky designs as well as a combination of the latest trends with Mexico’s most representative element: silver. His creativity has emerged from the combination of two elements: the Latin tradition, reflected in his ornaments, and his studies in art and fashion in Florence, the Netherlands and New York.

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instagram: @jade.diseno.mexicano

Inspired by our country’s rich textiles and geometry, the designer seeks to change the outlook on traditional clothing, updating items like the “huipil”, the shawl and the traditional loom-made textiles, to make contemporary clothing for today’s woman. The pieces reflect the sophistication of indigenous textile techniques and a minimalist aesthetic.

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Acaezcan Models is a professional youth training school. Committed to launching new generation through their passions for ballet and fashion, we organize events where students can experience something unique.