Peter Weir’s Master Class

Peter Weir’s Master Class

After receiving an emotional tribute in recognition of his outstanding artistic career, Australian filmmaker Peter Weir, a member of “The New Australian Wave”, a group of actors and directors who left Australia to achieve worldwide success, will give a conference in which he will take us on a tour through his filmography, sharing his experiences and acquired knowledge.

The BAFTA, César, Berlinale, Cannes, Hamburg and Warsaw-winning filmmaker, as well as Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee, who yesterday expressed that Mexico was a dream and GIFF a dream within a dream, has built a career based on profundity of theme, as well being an architect of a cinema located at the fair intersection between industry and creative nerve, leaving a film legacy that is impossible to forget.

Attends the Master Class of Peter Weir, to be held at the Teatro Cervantes, at 11:00 a.m.