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We at the Guanajuato International Film Festival are excited to work with brands that share our vision of being pioneers, innovators and driven to challenges. Contact us for more information on developing a personalized plan that adapts to your needs and marketing goals.

We are as committed to our alliances to our sponsors as they are. We seek to create experiences and added values to our audiences, industry personalities and press, which includes our millions of followers. Through activations, integration of products, social media and logo placements, your brand has the tool to educate, entertain and involve an audience with the values that the brand represents and the creative actions it brings forward.

Allow your mind to fly. Imagine this association through the eyes of our assitants. This is more than a marketing game: it’s about creating experiences that linger for a long time.


Contact out Sponsorship team for more information and to design a plan that adapts to your needs and goals.

Daniel Arenas

Commercial Director    |    (415) 112-3719