Edgar Nito presents his feature debut during GIFF XXII


The Guanajuato International Film Festival in its twenty-second edition dressed up to receive the national premiere of the The Gasoline Thieves, directed by Guanajuato native Edgar Nito.

During the Red Carpet event before the screening, we saw models dressed in the best of Mexican fashion as part of the Project Glamor program. In addition, personalities from the Mexican film industry, local authorities and festival organizers walked the carpet.

The Red Carpet received a surprise guest in international honoree, the British director of American origin Terry Gilliam, who spent a few moments tending to the national press gathered for this great event.

Also present was the cast and production team of the film, headed by director Edgar Nito, who was accompanied by Sarah Hoch and noted that half of the production team is made up of Guanajuato natives. “I grew up in this festival, I decided to study film because of it. Premiering my first feature here is a great honor,” said Edgar Nito, visibly moved.

For her part, Sarah Hoch mentioned that the Festival has supported Nito as much as possible. “We know he will fly and we will be very proud to see him fly. We hope he will always come back,” said GIFF’s creator and Executive Director.

At the end a Virtual Reality Red Carpet was presented, in which a model sported virtual designs with motion capture made by Mexican designers.

Actresses Jeimy Osorio and Regina Pavón presented this part of the event. The director of IMCINE María Novaro stressed that GIFF focuses on young people, praised the imagination, talent and tenacity of the new Mexican filmmakers and reiterated that support for filmmaking has not been reduced nor will it be reduced.

Prior to the screening, director Edgar Nito summoned a part of the production team to the stage and mentioned how important it was for him to present this film in Guanajuato and especially at GIFF.

The film was very well received by the audience, who enjoyed a story that combines morality and violence in a fable about the problem of fuel theft in the state of Guanajuato.

At the end of the screening, the director went to the front along with his team, receiving a standing ovation from an audience that was delighted with the product of his work.

The public participated in a Q&A session where technical, production and even political concerns were expressed in relation to this film that puts in perspective the quality of Guanajuato cinema and its standing both nationally and internationally.