[eltdf_highlight background_color=”” color=””]O[/eltdf_highlight]n January 21st of this year, 500 thousand people protested in Washington DC after Donald Trump took the office of President of the United States. Using caps with cat ears to represent the Pussyhat project, this protest turned into an immense pink ocean of people who came together to show a strong resistance against the misogynistic ideas that Trump expressed during his campaign and defending women’s rights.

Connie Lim, one of many who carried the Pussyhat symbol, is a Chinese-American singer/songwriter better known as MILCK. She began to sing her song Quiet a capella along with 26 other women. The song went viral through social media, but beyond that, it became an anthem for equality and against the standards of beauty that the media impose on women, as well as an anthem against Donald Trump.

This was the start of the #ICANTKEEPQUIET movement, which urges people to use the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media for people to have the courage to tell their stories regarding abuse. And thus, MILCK’s voice turned into a project dedicated to celebrating our voices and our unique identities, trying to break our cycles of oppression and fear that persist above all in social media.

United by music and cinema, tonight in San Miguel de Allende we will raise our voices in song along with MILCK with this anthem against the inequality present in our own country and all over the world, against racism, poverty and wars, against misinformation and denial of climate change and so, we inaugurate the 20th edition of the Guanajuato International Film Festival determined above all else to build bridges, no walls, between nations.