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Terry Gilliam

Venue: Auditorio del Estado
Day: Sábado 27, Hour: 15:00-17:00

An author of unbridled vision, his work occupies a unique place in the global film landscape. His films confront the gray and monotonous reality with the liberating possibilities of imagination. He has exerted his ideas with brilliance in films like Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Fisher King, or 12 Monkeys. Attend the Master Class given by one of the most relevant filmmakers of the last decades, whose capacity for fantasy and universe creation have earned him a privileged place among contemporary filmmakers.

Gus Van Sant

Venue: Teatro Ángela Peralta
Day: Domingo 21, Hour: 13:00-15:00

His has been one of United States independent cinema’s most recognizable styles during the last decades. Gus Van Sant has authored an outstanding and personal work that seeks to decipher what is behind the American dream. Among his works are My Own Private Idahoe, Elephant, Good Will Hunting or Milk. He is also a photographer, visual artist and musician. We hope you join us in this Master Class, where Van Sant will share his insights on the craft, experiences and advice, promoting a constructive dialogue with the moviegoer audience.

Brillante Mendoza

Sede: Ground Support
Horario: Viernes 26, Horario 17:00 – 18:00

We invite you to participate in this Master Class, where Mendoza will share his experiences as one of the most prominent and important Filipino filmmakers of today. His film Captive competed in Berlinale 2012, while Tirador won the Caligari Film Award in 2007. Thy Womb, on the other hand, won the La Navicella Venezia Cinema Award in the Venice Film Festival in 2012, while Lola was nominated for the Golden Lion in 2009. But his most notable achievement is when he won the elusive Best Director award in Cannes Film Festival for the film Kinatay in 2009. The year before, his film, Serbis (Service) was nominated for the Palme d’ Or.


Kidlat Tahimik

Venue: ¿?
Day: ¿? Hour: 

With Kidlat Tahimik, the work and the artist are one. This Filipino director has continually invented himself through his films, so his motion pictures are as unique as the man. His films present us with a deep vision of Filipino identity, dealing with ancestral problems such as colonialism, the relationship with nature, community, family or the conflicts between Western civilization and the traditions of his homeland. We invite you to join us in this Master Class, where Tahimik will offer a unique perspective on these and many other topics.