Latin American Premiere: Weirdos

Latin American Premiere: Weirdos


Yesterday was a night of splendor at the Juárez Theater, dressed up in gala to receive celebrities from the film industry, as well as an entourage from Canada and the producers of the Gala film Weirdos, who paraded the Red Carpet for the premiere of this film in the midst of a party atmosphere for Canada’s 150th anniversary as a Confederate State.

Inside the venue, Pierre Alarie, Ambassador of Canada in Mexico, and Sarah Hoch, director of GIFF, had a brief message of appreciation for those present, as well as applause for this year’s Spotlight Country and complementing this year’s program with 150 film productions from this nation. And then, the audience got to enjoy an adorable film that moved people to tears and caused laughter among an audience that praised this work of art for its outstanding beauty.

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