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The Industry section of the Guanajuato International Film Festival has been an innovative space that transformed the way of making movies in Mexico. Its initiatives, directed by a vision for the future focused on artistic quality, have been essential to strengthen film production, distribution and exhibition in the Bajío region and the entire country. Twenty-five years after its foundation, GIFF continues to promote new talent through first-hand meetings with authorities, funders and artists. On this occasion we will have different activities that will take place in the 3 venues of the Festival (León, San Miguel de Allende and Irapuato).

On this edition there will be discussion panels with local businessmen, film producers, film commission authorities, IMCINE and the Ministry of Finance. They will discuss the strengthening of cinematographic culture in the Bajío region 25 years after GIFF began. There will also be an Incubator section in which the filmmakers invited to the festival will have direct meetings with the film authorities convened in this edition.

Throughout the year GIFF works to connect our state with the best of global filmmaking. Its Residency program attracts the most outstanding talent of international cinema to our cities. Dutch filmmakers Floor van der Meulen and Sebastián Mulder, and German filmmaker Saralisa Volm are currently developing their projects as part of this initiative. Lastly, we will celebrate the twentieth edition of the National Screenwriting Contest, which on this occasion had more than 200 works entered —a figure that, like every year, demonstrates the great interest in continuing to produce quality cinema in our country.

In addition, in 2022 we finalized a new residency program with the authorities of the Netherlands, for which two Dutch filmmakers will see their film projects bear fruit in our state.