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The Guanajuato International Film Festival celebrates a decade offering the Identity and Belonging University Documentary contest, a project that supports and promotes the Guanajuato State Government’s film and audiovisual industry.

Throughout this decade, the Identity and Belonging contest has aimed to strengthen the identity and belonging of young people in a state that is rich with tradition. The selected teams make a documentary that reflects their concerns, interests and expectations on diverse topics, promoting practices that help in the construction of a culture that sensitizes and expands the forms of perception and creation. Identity and Belonging seeks to increase the visibility of identified problems and contribute to a solution.

After analyzing each project, we selected six teams which initiated a six-month advisory and training process through several specialized workshops in documentary filmmaking taught by film industry experts. The final goal is to make a short film, which will premiere at the 22nd edition of GIFF.

Through this contest we recognize collective talent, its influence and importance in local communities, the promotion of regional artists and the importance of education in the cultural industry. Thus, the Guanajuato International Film Festival consolidates a valuable opportunity for young university students to portray, through documentary short films, traditions, characters and contexts that will help us better understand our history and identity.