GIFF will pay tribute to two first-class women

GIFF will pay tribute to two first-class women

Mujer2As for more than a decade, the Guanajuato International Film Festival will recognize the trajectory of women who deserve tribute for their great work in the film industry. In 2015 we pay homage to actress Jacqueline Andere and Guadalupe Ferrer, who has held important positions in Mexico’s film industry. Together with the Association for Women in Film and Television AC, in the aim of promoting, disseminating and recognizing the great work of women in film, they will be awarded with “The Muse”, small sculpture made by Elena Somonte, as a gift for the inspiration they represent.


Guadalupe Ferrer, the great promoter of our country’s Film library and Industry, a woman committed to preserving our cinematographic heritage. Her widely successful career comprises a prolific trail of activities and achievements. Now, starting in 2008, she is the General Director for Film Activities at the UNAM’s film archive, where she has a chance to demonstrate her passion for preserving and disseminating the cinematographic history of our country. The magnitude of this task, of recovering and restoring a country’s film heritage, presents an enormous challenge. It will take many people to follow Guadalupe Ferrer’s example in her commitment to her labor.

Mujer1Jacqueline Andere has been a part of Mexico’s artistic landscape for decades (55 years to be exact!), and we find it commendable that she continues to perform as a leading lady in the world of Television. Winner of Arieles, awards from the Mexican Association of Journalists and Film Journalists, numerous TV y Novelas awards… Jacqueline Andere is one of the unquestioned great stars in our country’s film, TV and theatre landscape.

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