From Drive-in Movies to Virtual Interaction.

  • GIFF presents its Virtual Campus, a platform that will provide a space for interaction, participation and communication among film industry members and the general public


San Miguel de Allende, Gto. – June 15 – The Guanajuato International Film Festival is announcing its GIFF Virtual Campus, a space where, through their Avatar, users can have real-time access to industry meetings, conferences, Critics’ Room, concerts, and even beach parties. This option is added to the In-Person offerings that will be available through our Drive-in and Movie pic-nic showings, following the health and sanitation protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over September 21st and 22nd, GIFF will use the online Virtual Campus as a meeting point for filmmakers and guests. This Universe will be similar to a videogame, where your Avatar can access several different venues, in real time, alongside users from all around the world and sharing live content, experiences and interactions, while also attending all Festival events.

Faced with the new global outlook, GIFF stands by its commitment to promote film culture and go beyond borders, which means innovating on the way we communicate and socialize. A virtual world allows people from all over the world to come closer while also creating value relations, as we would in the real world, in an inclusive and safe way. In order to accomplish this GIFF will be using the VirBela platform, a virtual space that can redefine meeting experiences and allow for an event at a Global scale.

The GIFF Virtual Campus will include many reknowned film industry professionals, such as international film directors and critics. There will be an open call for developing projects for pitching sessions with producers and international funds.

The GIFF Virtual Campus will offer the necessary tools for participation, interaction and communication among all the agents that take part in the film industry and for the general public.