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About the Foundation

The “Expresión en Corto” Foundation is a non-profit organization born out of our commitment to join the fight to promote film activity in Mexico through educational measures such as international exchanges, scholarships for young people, workshops, conferences, sensitization and orientation for children, support in the development of screenplays and, in the short term, financing for film and audiovisual projects.

Aware that the visual content of the work is up to its creator, the “Expresión en Corto” Foundation, through the Guanajuato International Film Festival, offers a space for workshops, conferences, support and free screenings that promote the creation of artistic audiovisual content.

Its goals and activities include:
To promote the Mexican film culture, especially when related to production, co-production, distribution, marketing and exhibition of films and documentaries made in 35mm and video in any existing formats.
To support young artists, as well as to promote and exhibit their work in any of the above mentioned formats on a national level as well as institutions and film festivals around the world.
Support the development of film projects through scholarships and awards given by sponsors.
Culture is a crucial part of the human development of the people of Guanajuato, which is why we make the greatest effort to make sure it reaches the largest number of people.
To serve as a bridge to contact professionals in the national film industry and new talent.

“Expresión en Corto” Foundation is none for profit and has no political affiliations.

To recieve and manage all the assets acquired for fulfilling these goals. The association will use its earnings for the means for which it was created.


Aware of the fact that great changes are achieved by joining forces and through a strong desire to contribute to the growth and strengthening of our community in cultural, educational and healthy entertainment areas, the “Expresión en Corto” Foundation organizes events for vulnerable communities in our surroundings, like the “Reyetón” every January (celebrating the Day of the Wise Men on January 6) or the Short Circuit screenings, which travel all over the world to offer free screenings.

Beyond the activities we organize every year during the Guanajuato International Film Festival, our commitment as a foundation is to contribute inclusive exhibition spaces to all sectors of our community and free access to culture and art.