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Epicentro / Epicenter

Cinema is constantly evolving. As such, the convergence of media, content and business models is always changing in the ways that audiences consume these stories and the ways creators bring these stories to said audience.

Therefore, the Guanajuato International Film Festival, through its Epicenter section, promotes innovation exploring different formats and narrative tools that allow them to explore current topics in innovative ways, with a special emphasis in the eco-social impact.

Epicenter is a promotion and diffusion platform for immersive narratives, as well as a space for an industry that has been conceived in the past few years through incipient research into these new formats of assisted reality. The program is built on three main axes: audiences, artists and communities.

The “El Nigromante” Cultural Center in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato has been a reference point for modern art and the promotion of culture. Illustrious artists have left their mark in this place, among them David Alfaro Siqueiros, who experimented with Avant-garde spaces through an equally Avant-garde point of view.

Through a vision that approaches that of Siqueiros, we introduce these spaces that are open to the public that allow them access to culture through digital media and promote social development and talent.

“We made this Discovery through a sort of game, but one must understand that this “game” would not have come to us if our theory did not include the research and development of every technical concern and if our theory did not include the principle that without some technique, there can be no modern art”

David Alfaro Siqueiros