Dont miss: Saturday 30

Dont miss: Saturday 30

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16:00 hrs. – Sala Euquerio Guerrero – Guanajuato

With the presence of the director Kaori Momoi, this year Tributee.

The Kadowaki family lives in a traditional wooden house with a fig tree in the garden. Mr. Kadowaki maintains suspicions about other women in the life of her husband, a construction worker. A series of accidents, moves and reunions refer us back to the old wooden house, where the once barren tree becomes an active participant in the story.

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12:00 hrs. – Teatro Principal – Guanajuato

Based on Andrew Feinstein’s acclaimed book The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, this film reveals how the international trade in weapons -with the complicity of governments, intelligence agencies and investigative bodies- fosters corruption, determines economic and foreign policies and creates widespread suffering.

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14:00 hrs. – Teatro Principal – Guanajuato

With the presence of the director Amanda De la Rosa.

The Mexican diva of cinema, María Felix, age 80, is staying as a guest at the home of a family in Veracruz. There she meets the daughter of the owners, Agatha, age 16, who wants to know what does the actress do to be so beautiful at her age. They become friends, live adventures and María reveals her secrets.