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July 20 – AHL GTO

Botellita de Jerez is a bastion of Mexican popular rock culture. Formed in 1983, its original alignment was composed by Armando Vega-Gil on bass, Francisco Barrios “El Mastuerzo” on the drums, and Sergio Arau on guitar, who would separate from the group in 1988 and again in 2013. With the same humor as its scenic weapon, they continued now under the name HH Botellita de Jerez, along with Rafael Gonzalez on keyboards and congas, and on guitar, two-time Ariel nominee Santiago Ojeda.

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July 24 – JPR SMA

Little Jesus is a band from southern Mexico City, founded by Santiago Casillas. In 2013 they presented their debut album Norte, with which they won the 2014 Indie and Music Awards prizes for Best Band, Best New Artist, Best Song, Best Director and Best Rock Album. Little Jesus has performed at festivals such as Vive Latino, NRMAL, SXSW, BIME, Zaragoza Latina, Ceremonia, Hermoso Ruido and Marvin. This year they opened for the Rolling Stones in Mexico.

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July 22 – JPR SMA

They began in Guadalajara in 2004. Their frenetic groove and playful improvisational sessions turned them into one of the favorite bands of the growing national jazz scene , sharing the stage with great bands. They are the only group in the world that has played in back-to-back years in one of the main stages of the legendary Glastonbury Festival. In 2015, the New York City Record named their set one of the great concerts of the year in the Big Apple.

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July 28 – AHL GTO

Descartes a Kant was founded in Guadalajara in 2001, the year they immediately integrate into the independent music scene in the country. Their outstanding live performances have led them to open for major bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Stereo Total, El Otro Yo and Explosions in the Sky. They have participated in festivals such as Vive Latino, Indio Emergente, Maquinaria Fest, SXSW, Rock al Parque, Culture Collide, White Nights, and Manizales Grita Rock.

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July 23 – JPR SMA

Mexican rock band Camilo Séptimo, adds percussion and dance rhythms to the genre, something out of the ordinary in our music scene. Camilo Séptimo already proved what it is to be on one of the big stages, which includes opening for Kings of Leon in Guadalajara’s Arena VFG. After a successful performance at Vive Latino 2015, this year they are preparing their Tour Neon, where they promise to mix their musical style with a first class visual experience.

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July 29 – AHL GTO

A Mexican indie band that celebrates a 10-year career in 2016. With five performances under their belts at Vive Latino, they have shared the stage with such great bands as NIN, SOAD, Bad Religion, Mastodon and Wolfmother, among others. Their latest single, in collaboration with Le Butcherettes and Omar Rodriguez Lopez, airs on most lists of digital music and FM radio in the country. Their new LP is due out this summer and will be presented at Ruido Fest Chicago.

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July 24 – JPR SMA

Originally from Tijuana, they have spent five years in the Mexico’s independent music scene. They move to Mexico City to release their second LP Perro Verde y Triste in September 2015. They recorded two songs at Greenhouse Studios (Iceland) under big-time producers like Ben H. Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective). This year they continue to promote their second LP both locally and internationally through platforms such as LAMC in New York and Ruido Fest in Chicago.

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July 28 – AHL GTO

With a dynamic and shrill sound, inclined to progressive aspects of rock and electronic music, Sierra León uses experimentation through all the elements that compose their music, always searching for an identity. They have played in our country’s leading forums and last year they toured China where their performance received praise from the press. This year, the cover art on their new album was nominated for the IMAS, an award given to the best in Mexican independent music.

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July 29 – JPR SMA

Since 2009 USSR bajo el Árbol is a reference for the experimental Indie music produced in Mexico. The band has performed a couple of times at Vive Latino and plays a great number of shows all over the country. They released the Líneas Mentales EP, which was sponsored by Adrian Terrazas from The Mars Volta. They also produced the album 7. All of this has been launched by Discos Intolerancia.

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July 23 – JPR SMA

Founded in Mexico City, they haven’t stopped making music since 2009, a creative impulse that has lead them to travel all over Mexico and a few US cities. The festivals they have played include Vive Latino, Marvin and SXSW in Austin, Texas. This year, Capo will launch their video for Laberinto and they will begin a tour all over the country.

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July 29 – AHL GTO

Their music emerges from Synth Rock and travels through textures with layers of reverb and delay, especially on vocals and guitar, while the bass and drums keep in line with slow rhythms that go in crescendo as the synthesizer, guitar and voice guide them. They have played Multiforo 246, Caradura, Bajo Circuito, Aquí no hubo escena, Alicia and NRMAL Showcase Festival.

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July 28 – AHL GTO

Tokyo Brass Style are 10 Japanese girls who play mainly wind-metal instruments, with a wide influence genres like funk, ska, swing and latin jazz, they give new life to classic pieces and melodies of Japanese anime, with performances full of energy and special arrangements for metal assembly. Formed in the year 2005, the group began making their presentations on the street, and then they jump to the indie scene and their recording debut.