A Moving Tribute to Damián Alcázar

A Moving Tribute to Damián Alcázar

Yesterday, after the Red Carpet where industry personalities walked, GIFF paid a tribute to the great Mexican actor Damián Alcázar at the majestic Juárez Theater in Guanajuato City.

A great career has made him carry the spirit of a whole continent. The actor from Michoacán was moved to tears after receiving a standing ovation. The audience was not bashful about their appreciation.

The ceremony was conducted by award-winning Mexican actors Ariel Tenoch Huerta and Verónica Langer. Huerta even recognized that, like many of his fellow actors, Alcázar was one of his main inspirations.

Alcázar received from Sarah Hoch, founder and Executive Director of GIFF, the Silver Cross as a tribute for his career that has made him one of the most distinguished faces of Latin American cinema. He also received the Silver Medal from the UNAM Filmoteca, made of pure silver from film processing which is given to people whose career, activities, analysis and interventions in film contribute to enriching all aspects of film heritage.

As soon as he received these awards, Alcázar expressed his hope towards a better country and the conviction that Latin America is a single nation that borders the United States and ends in the Land of Fire. «Affection keeps us in daily success», he said while offering a warm thanks to those who came together to grant him this admiration.

To finish off the proceedings, the film Satanás, from director Andy Baiz was screened: this 2007 Colombian film stars Damián Alcázar as an exmilitary who decides to take his misanthropy to the extreme and represents one of many roles the actor has played outside of Mexico.