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The GIFF as a cultural institution has spent 12 years joining efforts against gender violence in all its expressions with the various platforms and campaigns that it undertakes year after year. For the fourth consecutive edition, together with the Guanajuato Ministry of Health, the festival works on new actions against gender violence. In particular, this year’s strategy adds a Violence Free Space to offer a private space in which women and men can talk about their experiences in relation to family, sexual and gender violence, and in this way receive specialized attention specific to their needs with the support of an interdisciplinary team of experts.

GIFF has joined efforts to prevent violence against women by sending a message through opinion leaders about the importance of making visible all existing forms of violence and promoting the empowerment of women, as well as bringing health services closer to women, orientation, counseling and attention with the aim of combating violence, maintaining a message of support, accompaniment and solidarity between women and men, and seeking concrete answers that allow positive impact on gender issues.