Yamashita moves his audience and invites them to fight for a world without nuclear weapons

More than a hundred people were unable to enter Sala Euquerio Guerrero at the University of Guanajuato yesterday which was filled up to listen to Yasuaki Yamashita, a hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor) who was six years old when the atomic bomb hit Nagasaki.
Yamashita, who offered the conference in Spanish, began by giving some historical context of that time in Japan on the days before the bomb hit. He then recalled the event itself, which was so devastating that some were even moved to tears.
With over 20 years going all over the world to tell his story, Yamashita is a tirless fighter that never rests, hoping to one day achieve something real in arms policy. Before concluding the conference, he invited everyone present to spread the word and fight against any pro-gun initiative, because war never benefits anyone and no one should suffer what the Japanese people did.
After the conference, there was a moving round of Q & A where the audience thanked Mr. Yamashita with thunderous applause. Afterwards there was a screening of the documentary feature Hiroshima Nagasaki Download, about the hibakusha who live in the American continent.
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