Music + Cinema: Rally Concert

The saying goes there’s no such thing as a “fifth wheel” and the last day of GIFF concerts confirms this. After four successful days that beat the weather conditions, the Music + Cinema program closed its activities yesterday with a concert featuring three Mexican rock bands.
The concert began with synth rock band Terr Monsta, whose obscure sound crescendoed to the beat of the synthethizer which was responsible for gatherin passers-by at the Alhóndiga. Followed by Yokozuna to celebrate a decade-long career along with the people of Guannajuato, playing new songs that were collaborations with musicians such as Le Butcherettes and Omar Rodríguez López from The Mars Volta. The audience that filled up the Alhóndiga bore witness to this icon of popular Mexican rock culture: HH Botellita de Jerez, who let their “chilango” rock loaded with humor and social critique loose, bidding farewell to this edition of concerts with a dance and “chichis pa la banda”.
After the concert, following the Rally screening ceremony, the Music + Cinema program concluded with the national premier of Panoramas, directed by Gabriel Cruz Rivas and Rodrigo Guardiola, drummer and composer for Zoé, who were present during the event. A Cinéma Vérité-style documentary that shows the growth of one of the most important bands of Latin America during a 17-year long career, as we follow Zoé for two years for a behind-the-scenes look at their first international tour.
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