The Rally promotes the development of new talents and encourages the enthusiasm of Young filmmakers to créate new, innovative projects within the industry.

Chosen from 186 scripts that were received from 23 states in Mexico, our six finalist teams embark on an adventure to create a short film in the span of 48 hours. Meeting the requirements for every short, starting with pre-production to its final delivery, the teams have been trained through 22 workshops given by industry professionals and filmmakers committed to filmmaking and are lending their time and effort to guide these young filmmakers.

The result is a six-minute film located in the beautiful Guanajuato City. The teams participating in the 8th University Rally are:

“Los retratos de Simone” de Daniela Rodarte
UAN, Tepic

“Lucas el grande” de César Alfaro
UAdeC, Torreón

“Guía básica para la muerte perfecta” de Daniel Ortiz
LICEO, Querétaro

“Vanessa” de Leonor Quiroga
U. LAMAR, Guadalajara

“Otro muerto” de Emilio Gonzalez
UNAM, Ciudad de México

“Las candelarias” de Samuel García
UdG CUC, Puerto Vallarta