Vera Ruiz Acevedo

Vera Ruiz Acevedo


Vera is a producer and journalist from Leon, Guanajuato that has participated in the development, production and distribution of over 20 film projects. As a documentarian, she focuses on cultural topics and the preservation of heritage. At the same time, she has nurtured an interest in fiction and animation films working on  projects in these genres. As a producer and project manager at Lanzando Lázaros since 2017, she’s recently completed the documentary Heritage from the  Kitchen (2019) directed by Ashley Fell and Michael Wright.

Vera is currently working on three projects in different stages of production which she is planning to boost through the Rotterdam Lab, primarily What we do with our Own (Lo que hacemos con los nuestros) a feature documentary on Mexican post mortem photography and memoir rights directed by Michael Wright that won the LCI Seguros award.

She is also in pre- production of the historical-experimental feature on Nahuatl culture Flowersong of the women of Chalco (El Canto de las Mujeres de Chalco), based on an ancient play; and finalizing the feature documentary debut of Alexander de Graaf, based on the life and work of a Dutch immigrant who, having survived the Second World War, became the best Harpsichord builder of Latinamerica.

As representative of the Red Cine Guanajuato, Vera is an active member of the national network “Red Nacional de Cinematografías Estatales” (RENACE) whose purpose is to professionalize regional film production activities, working on the development and empowerment of the cinema industry in Guanajuato.